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Day cares near me

Whether you are looking for a local day care that offers a child care assistance program or wonder how child care costs, find all the answers in one place! Select your area on the interactive map and find local schools. Click on the name of the program you like and more information will come up. You can also search by zip code, city, or program name through our complete list of licensed day care centers, preschools, subsidized programs, Head Start programs, after school programs, summer programs, enrichment centers and much more. We save you time so you can spend it with your children!

Local deals on child care

Finding deals on child care near you has never been easier! Simply type the name of your town or local zip code and see the offers. Once something catches your eye, click on the offer and it will take you directly to the school's page so you can find more details. Savings can range from enrollment fee waivers, sibling discounts or even reduced tuition. Remember, if you do not see a discount you can always name your price and send your requests to the programs you like.

Earn on preschool teaching ideas

Turn your passion for early childhood education into cash. You can help busy parents by creating engaging, fun preschool educational activities to help children learn. To help parents find your product we collaborate with child care programs and preschool teachers who can recommend your product to their parents. You can make all products to order so you don't have to carry a big inventory.

Preschool educational activities

Team up with your teacher to make your kid smart. Your preschool teacher has selected age appropriate preschool educational activities to help your child learn. All educational resources have been created by child care teachers and parents like you. Simply visit your child care program's page and click on KidCareShop to see what high quality products your child care program recommends. Our preschool educational games and activities can be used either in the classroom or at home. A portion of each sale goes directly back to your child's teacher or child care program. You will improve your child's preschool education and help your child care program fund specials things for your child like graduations, field trips, and new equipment.

Live webcams from classroom

KidCareCam is a low cost, live streaming camera feed available via the internet directly from your child's classroom to your tech device. It is accessible only to subscribers via encoded channel to ensure safety and privacy. Ask your child care provider about using KidCareCam.


Kidcareshop is a marketplace for busy parents of preschool children to find early childhood education resources created by other parents and preschool teachers and recommended by your local child care provider to use at home and classroom settings.


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KidCareScout is a marketplace to find child care resources and parenting products for busy families with young children.

Boost your child's success with early education!


Child care look up

Parents will find detailed child care overview with in-depth descriptions of each program. Many programs provide classroom pictures, preschool teacher qualification descriptions, director's profiles, and much more. Finding information about child care is easy with our parent-to-parent messenger. Registered parents can answer questions about the preschool their child attends.


Parenting products

Educational resources created by preschool teachers are available to help parents educate children at home, including games, DIYs, activities and other educational products. Each child care program can set up a list of products they recommend and offer to families. All educational products are distributed through child care programs where expert teachers can help parents learn how to use these products.


Name your price

Schools are constantly looking for students to fill their classrooms. Sometimes when classes are not filled schools are willing to negotiate what you can pay for their services. All you need to do is:
1) Find day cares near you;
2) Register on and answer a few questions to describe your child and the care you need;
3) Indicate how much you would like to pay;
4) Share the information with schools you select. There is no limit on how many programs you can send your application.


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You can use a map in order to find the nearest schools

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