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Behind the child care doors or 6 keys to open the door to the right...

Behind the child care doors or 6 keys to open the door to the right care

2015-05-05 01:21:57




Each child care center is a unique world for you and your child to discover.


Have you ever wondered what is it like behind child care center doors? Who are these people who take care of your child? What happens when you leave your baby and go to work?


There are many tips and tricks to find quality child care. Sure, there are some better run schools and some struggling schools. You might even have heard a story or two about how horrible daycares can be. However, it is not all about clean bathrooms and well-equipped playgrounds. There is so much more that makes child care the right place for your baby. That is why we decided to create, a FREE online resource to help parents and child care providers find each other. Here you will find the right information to make your decision. We also have other parents who already have children in the programs you are considering available for questions. In return, we hope that once you learn about a specific program you will be willing to help too.


These are the six basic principles or keys our resource is based on:



Each of these keys are extremely important and hard to cover in one single article. We will cover each individual key and its importance in future articles. Our resource is up and running but needs some testing and polishing, so please be patient with us. We will be ready to release our beta version in Spring 2015. Come and visit today so together we can create a great child care experience for our children.



Your guide through the child care world,



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