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How can I help my child love their preschool teacher?

How can I help my child love their preschool teacher?

2015-05-05 01:27:08




Four pieces of advice on how to communicate to your child's day care teacher and help your child transition into a new class. Child cares are only as good as the teachers who work there. Therefore, having the right teacher for your child is the most important thing you can do. For many child care centers it is a challenge to retain high quality caregivers as the compensation is low and level of stress is high. Even though you cannot control who is going to be your child's teacher, there are a few things you can do as a parent to help your child have a better experience at school.


1. Find out early who is going to be your child's teacher and help your child get to know her/him. Nothing can be as frightening for your child as to feel abandoned with a stranger. Find as much information as you can. To help you we invited child care directors in your area to post pictures and profiles about their staff on If your teacher's picture is missing, ask the director to post a picture and a bio about the teacher and keep it updated as new teachers join the center. It will help your child feel more confident and less intimidated with a new teacher.


2. Tell the teacher about your child – nobody knows your baby like you do. I would recommend preparing a description of your child's personality traits and preferences and sharing it with the school. You can just write it down or you could fill out a secure KidCareScout Child's Album, then registering and filling out the short questionnaire. Once you're done you can share this information with the school electronically. The service is free, information is kept private, you can update it any time, and it will always will be available for the teacher and director to review.


3. Parent teacher communication is key. Keep the perschool updated with what is happening with your child outside the programl. It is always a good idea to give the teacher a heads up if your child does not feel well, is tired, cranky or has some other problem. Once the teacher knows it will be much easier to address the issue.


4. Most issues can be worked out through communication between parent and the teacher; however, never hesitate to contact the director. It really also helps to talk to other parents and see if they have similar experiences with this teacher or to seek advice. Visit, find your school and click on Ask A Parent. You can leave your questions there anonymously for other parents with kids at your school to answer.



Don't forget to thank your teacher – it is hard work and most teachers do a great job.



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