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Palace, Castle, or Cottage: What Do Daycares Near Me Look Like?

Palace, Castle, or Cottage: What Do Daycares Near Me Look Like?

2015-05-05 01:27:31


What does your child care facility look like?




Does the child care center your child attends looks like a palace, castle, or a cottage?


Most states regulate what a child care facility has be equipped with in order for them to be licensed. However, as long as it meets basic safety requirements, the rest is up to the owner/director and teachers. What types of child care facilities you can find and which one should you choose? Here are some examples and tips.


Palace – everything is nice and shiny in this kind of school. It has new furniture, carpeting, the toys are new and educational, the playground neat and well equipped. It is hard not to like this kind of school. A good example would be a corporate or franchise chain school, or corporate sponsored school. However, there are some things to watch for. Child care cost could be higher and there might be some additional fees. The quality of the building does not necessarily guarantee a quality program. It can be harder to get into such a school, so you might have to be on a waiting list and they might have special requirements to enroll your child.


Castle – it provides everything a good quality program needs. You probably will find some older equipment mixed with newer. It is your traditional child care, usually privately owned or sponsored by churches and nonprofit organizations. There are some things to watch for here. Many directors learn over the years how to pass licensing inspections and know what inspectors are looking for. Therefore, if it is not required or the inspector does not check certain things, they could start to cut corners to save money.


Cottage – it feels like being at home. The building feels warm, cozy and reflects the owner's personality. Many such schools are home based or family owned. They reflect the owners' personality and could be very welcoming and easy to work with. Caregivers have to wear many hats in such centers and could be easily overwhelmed. Multitasking is not a good idea when you take care of children.


There is no right or wrong when it comes to types of school. At we asked providers to post images of their centers to give you an idea of what to expect when you visit them. Check them out and decide what will work for you.



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