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How much is child care? | Blog | KidCareScout

How much is child care?

2015-05-05 01:28:06


How not to overpay for child care.




When it comes to prices child care cost is all over the place. Most of the time a center's owner/director will set the tuition fees. In some cases it is done by a corporate office. According to a 2013 report by Sallie Mae you will pay more for your child's day care than college. Here are some tips on how to find child care savings and still get quality child care:


1. Find out first if you need full time or part time child care. Some preschools will offer part time whereas others only full time. In case you need only a few hours per day you can check on to find if there are any part time openings near you.


2. Check if preschools around you accept child care subsidies and find about available programs you might qualify for in your area. Very often information on subsidies is located on your local health and human services or child protective services websites. 


3. Find out if the school is currently running any promotions such as registration fee waivers, second child discounts, referral rewards, etc. You can find some of this information for free on by putting your zip code or city in the search window. 


4. Find a center that provides free lunch program and/or diapers. You do not have to have low income to qualify for such program and the meals are usually very good quality.   


5. Check if the school offers child care holidays or vacation days when you can keep your child at home without continuing to pay.


6. Coordinate school hours and your schedule to make sure you allow yourself enough time for drop-off and pick-up to avoid extra fees.


7. Check if the school will lower the tuition rate if a child is potty trained.


These are some examples on how you can have your child in a quality program without breaking the bank. Remember, price does not necessarily mean quality and you just might overpay simply for the preshcool to be in a more prestigious location or being affiliated with a certain organization or program. Make sure to visit us on where we provide a lot of information on all aspects of child care operations.



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