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How to make money from home with preschool educational resources.

How to make money from home with preschool educational resources.

2015-08-04 18:19:35

How to make money on creating and selling educational kits, games, and activities for preschool children?




Are you SAHM (Stay at home mom) or SAHD (Stay at home dad) and looking for ways to earn some extra income? As a parent, you already know that it is hard to find quality educational activities and games for preschool children. Many are too expensive and children have very short attention spans and can't stay engaged with one activity for a long time. You usually need several activities to keep your child busy. Stores are full of plastic toys made somewhere overseas with little to no real educational value. That is why many parents create their own games and activities to help their child learn. Preschool teachers have been creating these sort of educational materials for years. There is a very big market of parents who would love to have access to affordable educational games and activities but have little or no time to create them themselves. That is why we created KidCareScout, a marketplace for parents to sell and buy educational materials.


There are several websites where you can sell homemade items; however, it is hard to market your product and shipping is expensive. Plus, not all materials are suitable for children or have educational value. That is why KidCareScout works with child care programs across the country to help you market and distribute your product to a national audience. In return, you set a percentage you would like to pay to the preschool teacher for helping you sell your product. Now you can focus more on creating new products instead of promoting and marketing.


Here's how it works:


1.Take a picture of the game or activity you created, create an account on KidCareScout and submit your pictures along with a description and information about minimum orders and the percentage you would like to pay a teacher for promoting your product. You can sell physical products as well as digital downloads.


2.Once a teacher adds your product to a sales campaign you will be asked either to accept the campaign or decline. Typically teachers will have an idea how many items she will need for her class. Your product will become immediately available for parents to purchase. Once the campaign is over you will have a week to make your items. Therefore, you can make your product on demand and there is no need to keep a large inventory.


3.After you have shipped your product to the child care program, submit your tracking number and once delivery is verified by the school (typically a week) you receive your payment via Paypal.


It is that simple and fun. You get paid for making your child’s, as well as other children's education more meaningful.


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