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KidCareCam is a unique platform for managing IP cameras broadcast via internet and specifically designed for childcare providers and parents. It is equipped with broadcasting tools, build-in security, administration panel, payment engine. As a part of our larger program KidCareScout, it helps schools market they programs and allow parents to view their children at school remotely.


How does it work?

1. We market IP camera program to schools and parents through KidCareScout.

2. Once school in your geographical area ready to sign for the KidCareCam program, we contact you.

3. You provide and install all necessary equipment, prepare it for broadcasting, and execute warranty service of the equipment.

4. We connect cameras to our broadcasting server, manage the payments, and provide customer support.

IP camera broadcast


We offer variety of business models depending on the needs of the school. Some of the businesses purchase the equipment upfront, we provide broadcasting, and managing services, others, lease the equipment and pay for it over the certain period. We also have a unique program where parents directly cover the cost of the service through our site with no additional cost to school. In this instance, we sign a contract with the school for the services but the payment comes directly from parents to us. We pay you cost of the lease of the equipment and installation fee.


If you want to join us, send us a message with your address, phone number, and description of your services and certifications through Contact us page and our representative will get hold of you. Once we find a school in your area, we will contact you and schedule a visit to the school.


We are looking forward working with you.