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F.A.Q. - For Parents


General question about using the website


1 Question: Does KidCareScout provide complete information about the schools near me?

Answer: We constantly update our information to offer you as complete a list as possible. However, new schools open every day and there could be some delay before they are reflected in our database. If you find a school or provider not listed, please let us know through the Contact Us page and we will gladly update the information.


2 Question: Do your charge a fee for using KidCareScout services?

Answer: Most of the resources are absolutely free to use. We offer advertising opportunities for childcare providers and offer optional additional services such as KidCareCam for a small fee. Searching the database, listing information and communicating with providers and parents is always free!


3 Question: Who is responsible for the accuracy of information on the site?

Answer: Basic information such as names of businesses, addresses, and telephone numbers are obtained from public sources. More detailed information is provided by individual providers at their discretion. Providers are responsible for information that they submit to us such as costs, hours, and credentials. KidCareScout does not verify this information – please check these with the provider.


4 Question: Do I need to register to use your site?

Answer: Many resources can be viewed without registration. However, to preserve the website's integrity and better serve our parents we ask you to register and create an account. You can remove your information at any time by sending us a request.


5 Question: Do I need to register to add a badge to a school?

Answer: Yes. Only registered users can add badges.


6 Question: Is my information secure?

Answer: KidCareScout doesn't share information with any third party without parent consent. You decide who is able to view your child's profile and can revoke sharing the information at any time. The information we ask for is not easily personally identifiable and you decide yourself how much information you feel comfortable providing.


7 Question: Do I have to include an image of my child on my child's profile page?

Answer: We offer an opportunity to include an image of your child or an avatar image. This information is viewed only by the school administration you decide to share information with. The avatar can be whatever non-offensive graphic that you choose.


8 Question: Can I create profiles for multiple children?

Answer: Yes. You will need to create a profile for each individual child.


9 Question: Can I edit my child's information?

Answer: Yes. You can edit information at any time through the "Edit My Info" button.


10 Question: Do all schools participate in the KidCareCam program?

Answer: No. You can easily identify the schools which do by selecting the "With Cameras" filter in the search results. Let your current provider know if you would like them to participate in the program.


11 Question: Can I refer a school to the KidCareScout program?

Answer: We would love all licensed programs to be part of our family. It is completely FREE for all programs to use our resources. All you need is to check if the school is listed and ask the director to register. If we missed a school, let us know and we will add the program immediately.


12 Question: Do I need to register to start conversation on Ask A Parent?

Answer: Yes, only registered visitors are able to ask questions and leave comments. If you want to advocate for a certain program, please first share your Child's Album with the program you support.


13 Question: Will the program's director see the conversation I post?

Answer: No, all information is completely private. No names are used on Ask A Parent; only the user's ID and child's age and gender. Conversations are only between two parents and not shown to others. You can choose to ask questions to providers as well.



Questions about KidCareCam


1 Question: Do I need any special equipment to watch the KidCareCam feed?

Answer: No. You can watch the broadcast directly on any computer with high speed Internet access by logging onto KidCareScout. A mobile version is currently under development and will be available soon.


2 Question: How do I get access to the camera feed?

Answer: You will need to create an account on the website and share your Child's Album with the program your child attends. Go to KidCareCam Manager and send a request to your program's administrator. Once you receive your authorization, the image from the camera will appear on the child care provider's page under Live Feed button.


3 Question: Which room will I see on the camera?

Answer: To respect the privacy of other families you will be able to view ONLY the classroom your child is assigned to. If you have more than one child, you will receive a separate access code for each child's classroom.


4 Question: What if I don't see my child in the room?

Answer: You will need to contact school administration to verify your child's location within the school. If the classroom is empty, the class might be on the playground at the current time and you will need to check back later.


5 Question: How much does it cost to join KidCareCam?

Answer: We have many different plans. The cost can be built into the tuition fees you pay your provider or parents can pay for KidCareCam separately. Prices start at as little as a dollar a day.


6 Question: Do I need to sign a consent form if my school joins KidCareCam?

Answer: Yes. In order for us to provide remote access via cameras to your child ALL parents at the school will need to sign the "Parent Consent" form, which simply states they are aware that the provider has installed live cameras with web feeds.



Questions about KidCareShop


1 Question: Do I need a separate registration for KidCareScout and KidCareShop?

Answer: When you register on KidCareScout you are also automatically registered for KidCareShop. When you make a purchase, for security reasons we will ask you to log in again into KidCareShop with the same credentials you used on KidCareScout.


2 Question: Where will you ship the items I have purchased on KidCareShop?

Answer: We deliver all items purchased on KidCareShop directly to the program your child attends.


3 Question: When should I expect my order to be delivered?

Answer: We process all orders immediately after the campaign is over. We will inform your child care provider once an order has been shipped.


4 Question: Can I place an order for more than one item?

Answer: Yes, there is no limit on how many items you can order within the same campaign offered by school.


5 Question: Can I cancel my order?

Answer: You can cancel your order any time during the campaign. Once the campaign is over no refunds are issued.


6 Question: Can I purchase items from a child care program my child does not attend?

Answer: We recommend you only purchase items from a provider you know. We cannot guarantee delivery of your order unless you specifically made an arrangement with the provider to receive the order at their address. This arrangement is solely at the provider's discretion.