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F.A.Q. - For Providers


General questions about using the site


1 Question: Who is authorized to register on behalf of a child care center?

Answer: In order to be authorized to provide information on behalf of a child care business you must be listed as an owner or director of the business with local licensing services. You will also need to provide your business license number. The administrator of the Site can conduct random contacts to confirm validity of the registration.


2 Question: My child care business is not listed on the Site. How can I add my business to the Site?

Answer: Go to the Contact Us button and provide your child care business' name, address, and phone number. Please remember we only publish information on licensed child care programs.


3 Question: How much does it cost to list my child care business on KidCareScout or to add more information about my business?

Answer: All information provided on KidCareScout is FREE. Child care providers can provide any relative information about their business including images of the building, pictures and bios of the teachers.


4 Question: How can I remove information from KidCareScout?

Answer: You can edit information about your child care business at any time. If you wish completely to remove your profile, please send us a letter through the Contact Us form.



Questions about KidCareShop


1 Question: Do I need to be register to participate in the KidCareShop program?

Answer: Yes, only registered providers are able to participate in the KidCareShop program. It is NOT required to fill out all the pages of the profile questionnaire; however, by providing more information about your business you help parents find you.


2 Question: How many teachers from my program can participate in the KidCareShop program?

Answer: There is no limit on the number of teachers who are able to order items under the same child care program's name. However, different teachers cannot order the same item simultaneously. We recommend combining like items into one campaign under one teacher's account.


3 Question: Why do I need to approve a teacher's profile prior to ordering items from KidCareShop?

Answer: To preserve the integrity of the program all teachers must be authorized by the director of the child care program to offer educational resources to the parents. We offer a monetary bonus program to teachers promoting items to parents and therefore want to make sure that the director is fully aware of the program.


4 Question: Can I view the materials my teachers are ordering?

Answer: You can view all items added to the KidCareShop under your program's name by visiting your child care program's page on KidCareScout and clicking on KidCareShop.


5 Question: Where do you ship items ordered through KidCareShop?

Answer: All items purchased through KidCareShop are shipped directly to the physical address of your child care program. If you do not receive mail at the physical address of your business please advise teachers to contact the seller and advise them of the address where you receive packages.


6 Question: Is my child care program liable for any items purchased on KidCareShop?

Answer: No, child care programs are not responsible for quality, delivery, or compliance of any of the items recommended by teachers. The seller will accept all responsibility and obligations in regards to the items.



Questions about KidCareCam


1 Question: Is my child care program eligible to participate in the KidCareCam program?

Answer: To preserve the viability of the program a minimum number of subscribers need to be enrolled for you to participate. To find out more please send us a request through the Contact Us form and provide your name, your child care program's name and phone number and a representative will contact you.


2 Question: Do I have to purchase equipment to stream video?

Answer: We offer a variety of options where you can purchase or lease the necessary equipment and the cost will be incorporated into your subscription.


3 Question: Is KidCareCam secure?

Answer: All information from the cameras are sent to our servers through secure encrypted channels. Only users authorized by your child care program are able to access the live stream on our server. We make all efforts to secure our data and protect it from unauthorized use.


4 Question: How do you assure the privacy of the children?

Answer: We work closely with the child care program's director to ensure that all sensitive locations such as changing areas, bathrooms, etc. are not within camera range. We adhere to an open room policy where viewers are only able to see the areas of the classroom normally accessible to visitors during a normal classroom visit.


5 Question: Do parents have access to cameras in each classroom?

Answer: No, we only offer live feeds from the classroom where the parent's child is enrolled. The child care program's director is able to assign the specific camera for each individual parent.