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F.A.Q. - For Sellers



1 Question: Why should I sell with KidCareShop?

Answer: Your educational materials will be distributed through a network of child care programs around the count, so you can spend more time creating great educational games and activities and less time marketing. By creating educational resources you help children learn. You will earn money on the educational materials you may have already created for your child and be able to express your creativity.


2 Question: What can I sell on KidCareShop?

Answer: You can sell original educational kits for language art games, critical thinking activities, social studies games, letter recognition games, fine motor skills activities, downloadable educational games, art items, self-published children's books, songs and much more.


3 Question: Where do I start?

Answer: You will need to create your FREE profile with your information on KidCareScout and submit information and pictures about the items you would like to sell. Once your item is reviewed by the site administrator it will be posted in the store.


4 Question: How long my item will remain active on KidCareShop?

Answer: We keep all items active for a year after they have been submitted. After a year you can resubmit your item again.


5 Question: Why has my item been declined?

Answer: We look at several aspects for each item submitted. The basic requirements are: your item must be safe for children, age appropriate, educational, original, and affordable. If for one of these reasons we cannot accept your item we will provide you with a reason and help you fix the problem.





1 Question: How much should I charge for my educational materials?

Answer: At KidCareScout we strive to provide affordable educational resources to preschool children. As a store owner you can set your own prices. There are several things to remember: the price has to cover the cost of materials and the time you spent to produce the item and it has to cover the cost of shipping your items to the child care program. You also need to set the commission you would like to pay teachers to promote your item and cover KidCareShop fees.


2 Question: How much is the teacher's commission?

Answer: Generally we recommend paying commission between 10% and 20% of the cost of your item. However, you can decide yourself what you would like to pay for promoting your items to parents.


3 Question: How much is the KidCareShop fee?

Answer: We collect 15% commission from your total sale.


4 Question: How much is shipping?

Answer: Because you ship all items together in one order you are able to save on the total cost of the shipment. To guarantee the delivery of your order you have to ship with trackable mail and submit the number to us right after shipment.


5 Question: When will I get my money?

Answer: All payments made during the campaign are kept in an escrow account. All payment due to the seller from the account are distributed a week and a day after the date of submitting the tracking number.


6 Question: Why was my payment delayed?

Answer: Payments are not distributed until items received by the teacher. In case items are lost, damaged, or incomplete a dispute will be filed and the teacher will contact you regarding the matter. Upon resolution of the dispute funds will be distributed.





1 Question: When do I need to ship my items?

Answer: You have one week from the end of the campaign to submit the tracking number. To avoid cancelation of the campaign contact the teacher and advise them of the delay.


2 Question: Who covers shipping charges?

Answer: Normally shipping cost is covered by the seller. However, in some circumstances you can agree with the teacher to charge an additional amount for shipping in case the minimum number of items per order has not been met.


3 Question: Do I have to fulfill the order if the minimum number of items has not been met?

Answer: No, you can decline to fulfill the campaign in case fewer parents have purchased the items than was indicated as minimum order. If you decide to complete the order, please contact the teacher and confirm the campaign.


4 Question: Where do I submit my tracking number?

Answer: Log into your account and click on Complete Campaign; you will need to indicate the name of the company and the tracking number.