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F.A.Q. - For Teachers


How do I get started with KidCareShop?


1 Question: Do I have to register to participate in the KidCareShop program?

Answer: To offer products from KidCareShop to parents and receive commission all teachers must be registered and approved by your child care program's director.


2 Question: How do I add items to my profile?

Answer: Select the items from KidCareShop and find reference number (Ref.) for the item. Log into your account and click on Connect with School and Manage My KidCareShop. Add the Item reference and set the duration of the campaign.


3 Question: How long will my campaign last?

Answer: You can select two, three, or four weeks for your campaigns length. Your campaign length should depend on parents' response and when you need the educational resources. It is always a good idea to order needed educational materials at least a month before you plan to teach the concept.


4 Question: When can parents start ordering educational materials?

Answer: As soon as your campaign is confirmed by the seller you will receive notification via e-mail and items will appear under your child care program's profile. Once the campaign is over you will receive notification and information on how many items parents ordered.


5 Question: How long should I wait for the seller to confirm my campaign?

Answer: We allow three days for the seller to respond to your request. If no response is received or the seller declines the request, you will be notified and the campaign will not start.





1 Question: When does the seller ship the items?

Answer: You will get an e-mail immediately after the campaign ends. The seller has 7 days to fulfill the order and post the tracking number. If the seller cannot meet the deadline, he/she will contact you to discuss further actions. If you decide to cancel the order due to the seller's failure to ship items on time parents will be refunded the full purchase amount.


2 Question: Where does the seller ship the items?

Answer: All educational resources are shipped directly to your child care program with the program and your name on the label. If your program's mailing address is different from the physical address of your program, please contact the seller before the end of the campaign via messenger with the correct shipping address.


3 Question: What should I do if I have not received my order?

Answer: We require sellers to provide a verifiable tracking number via a major shipping company once shipment is initiated. If you have not received your order within a week after the tracking number has been posted you MUST CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. We will keep the funds in escrow until the situation is resolved. All decisions made by KidCareScout regarding disputes between buying and selling parties on KidCareShop is final and binding.


4 Question: What should I do if my items are damaged or missing?

Answer: All disputes about missing or damaged items are between you and the seller. You MUST notify us immediately if you have missing or damaged items. All payments related to disputed campaigns will be held in escrow until the dispute is resolved.


5 Question: What is minimum order requirement?

Answer: The seller will indicate the minimum amount of items he/she is willing to produce and ship. If the requirement has not been met you will receive an e-mail and you need to contact the seller to determine if he/she is still interested in ship a lower number of items. Additional shipping charges could be required.





1 Question: Do I have to collect money from parents to pay for the items on KidCareShop?

Answer: No, you do not have to collect money. All the transactions are online and parents can purchase the items at any time during the campaign. At the end of the campaign you will receive a report with the names of the parents who participated and the total amount purchased.


2 Question: Can parents request a refund?

Answer: Yes, all refunds need to be requested prior to the end of the campaign before the items are shipped.


3 Question: Can I cancel my campaign?

Answer: Yes, you can cancel a campaign before it ends and all funds will be returned back to the parents' accounts. You CANNOT cancel a campaign after it has ended. To cancel a campaign please send us a request with the following information: your name, your child care program's name, the name of the items you no longer wish to order, and the reason why you would like to cancel your campaign.


4 Question: How am I paid my commission?

Answer: You can elect to be paid via PayPal (preferred method) or by check. We will distribute payments by the end of the month after your campaign ended. For instance, if your campaign ended March 15 you will receive your payment no later than April 30 as long as the campaign is not in dispute.


5 Question: How much commission do I make?

Answer: You will earn a percentage from the sale. The amount of the commission usually varies from 10 to 20% of the total sale. You can find the amount of the commission by reviewing the information posted about the item. Please remember that items with lower commission may be more affordable for your parents. Teachers often sell more of these items and make more money than on items with higher commission.