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What can Kidcarescout do for your school?

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Help parents to find you!

If you are child care provider it is nice to meet you. We worked hard to put you on the map. If you cannot find your program on our website, we apologize. We would love to have you. Send us an e-mail and will add your information completely FREE. Now we need your help to tell parents more about your program.

Find affordable teaching resources for preschool education

Support your teaching strategies with our economical educational resources created by preschool teachers and parents. We have educational games, manipulatives, educational activities and much more. Preschool teachers in your child care program can select age appropriate materials for concepts they are teaching right now. Once a selection is made parents can view the materials on under your program's name and order the items. We offer educational kits as well as digital downloads. All educational kits are packaged together and delivered directly to your childcare program's address to reduce the cost of shipping. Our materials can be used in classroom settings as well as by parents at home.

It is EASY



Register as a child care provider on


In My Account select Edit My Info and fill out Profile Manager. Remember, the more information you provide, the less questions you have to answer later


Update your information on openings regularly and you will not have disappointed parents on the phone

School pictures can be worth a thousand words

You have spent hours on classroom decorations - now it is time to shine and let parents see your great work. Upload as many pictures as you want - it's FREE. Go to My Account, select View My School, and click on Photo Gallery. A gallery manager will appear and you will be able to upload images directly from your computer. Don't forget to also include pictures of your playground and outside views of your building. Sometimes parents can see a picture of your building on Google maps, but you can make a much better impression with your own photos.


Directors and staff

We appreciate teachers and directors and we want parents to get to know YOU. Write a brief description of yourself, your teaching methods and strategies. Go to My Account, select View My School and click on Staff Information. A photo manager will appear. Upload pictures of the director and teachers and indicate which class they teach. You can insert or type text information next to each picture. Don't forget to save! Now parents can see who is taking care of their children.


Find out what parents want!

Do you wish sometimes you could get into parents' heads and find out what kind of child care they need? This is exactly what the Name Your Price program does. Parents describe their child and the care they need, naming a price they are comfortable with and share this information with YOU. Parents specifically selected your program, which means they like you. Do you have empty slots in your program that aren't bringing in any revenue? Everyone loves to think they are getting a deal, and parents are much more likely to choose your program if they can pay slightly less than the going rate. A somewhat lower tuition payment coming in is better than no payment coming in at all! Name Your Price helps you fill every available slot and is completely FREE to use for both parents and providers. All you need to do is to register and leave us your contact e-mail to receive alerts. After you receive one, go to My Account and click on Shared Child Album to find information about interested families, as well as their contact information and a tuition offer. All you need now is to contact the parents and decide if you want to accept their price.