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Earn while they learn

Do you like to play educational, creative games with your kids? Share your passion with other parents and earn money.

Who can sell on KidCareScout?

KidCareScout is a marketplace for parents of preschool children, preschool teachers, and early childhood education enthusiasts.

how Kidcarescout works for sellers

Where do I start?

1. Create educational resources for preschool kids:
  · Educational kits for language arts games, critical thinking activities,
    social studies games, letter recognition games, fine motor skills and much more.
  · Downloadable educational games.
  · Art items, children's books, and songs.


2. Register and submit your teaching resources or description/photos to KidCareScout and wait for approval (generally takes up to 24 hours). There are no listing fees and products will remain posted for six months.


3. We collaborate with preschool teachers to recommend your teaching resource to their parents. This way you can focus on creating educational products instead of marketing.


4. Once your teaching material is selected, preschool teachers will add them to their child care profile's store where parents can see it and purchase. They will also select how long this product be available to the parents (you can expect the campaign to last about a month). This way you don't have to pack and ship individual items every times someone makes a purchase. Once the entire order is finalized you will ship it directly to the child care center.