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For Teachers

As a teacher, you know that the most important part of a child's early education happens at home. Even though there are many great teaching resources available for families, it is hard for a working parent to find time to research and make educational games for their children. Many parents prefer ready solutions, and that's where KidCareScout helps parents. We also need your help to select age-appropriate activities for your class and recommend them to your parents. Parents already rely on you for the education of their children and now you can offer them something to do at home with the kids. You can also use our materials while children are at your child care program.
how Kidcarescout works for teachers

What do we offer?

We have a wide selection of the educational games, activities, and materials for children from infants to kindergarten. All our materials are made by teachers like you or by parents who already tried them with their children and now want to help other parents. We offer educational games and activities for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, including popular Montessori items. Our materials are very affordable and since all items ordered are shipped in one package to your child care program, there is little or no shipping cost to your parents.



What's in it for me?

Besides having higher parent satisfaction, you will also earn a 20% commission from each sale. The money will be directly transferred to your PayPal account or we'll send you a check as soon as your child care program confirms that all ordered materials have been received.



Do I need to notify the child care program I work for about my participation in KidCareScout's commission program?

Yes, we have to have your child care program's approval for you to participate in the program. The process is very simple: your program's director or administrator needs to register with KidCareScout and verify the program's information. Most programs are already listed in our database. If we missed your school, let us know and we'll be glad to add you.



We pay for your expertise

As a teacher you are an expert in raising children. So wouldn't it make sense for parents to seek your advice on parenting and education? Many educational games can help a child better develop and learn. You can help parents find fun educational games that will work for their children. All you need to do is select products in our online catalog that will are age and level appropriate for children in your class and remember the reference number. Go to My Account and select Connect with School. Type your school's name and select it from the list. Once your request is confirmed, Manage my KidCareShop button will appear. Now you select products in our online catalog that are age and level appropriate for children in your class and remember the reference number. Insert the reference number, set how long you want your campaign to last and you are ready to go. Now you can refer parents to your program's page to purchase the items you selected. Once the campaign is over we will send the items and your rewards money directly to your address. Because we ship all the items together, we offer very competitive prices. Don't forget to promote the program to your parents and suggest items - the more they buy, the more you earn!


Can I sell teaching resources I currently use?

Yes, we will be happy to see more teachers to participate and offer parents in other programs what works in their classrooms.



Can I sell digital materials?

Yes! Many of our parents prefer materials that are downloadable, since they are instantly available and cost less than premade activities.